Are homeowners ready for another interest rate rise?

24th April 2018

We have already seen one interest rise and now the talk is that another one is coming and could be here as early as May. Of course most of us never know in advance when a rise is coming and rely purely on what we read or hear on the television. Recently the commentary is starting to suggest that the […]

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Interest rate increase due in early 2018????

7th August 2017

Are we going to see an interest rate rise in 2018? The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has changed its thoughts on when it believes an interest rate rise will be upon us. Their calculations have suggested it will now be quarter 1 of 2018 rather than their initial statement of Q2 2019. If they are correct it […]

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What if I am refused a mortgage?

23rd January 2017

Have you had your mortgage refused and now you are wondering what your options are? In this short YouTube clip Experian discuss what options could be available to you. If you would like to discuss your own situation with one of our Mortgage Broker partners, please complete our enquiry form and we will get someone to contact you. Knowing your options is […]

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Secured Loan vs Remortgage

12th January 2017

Many people say they are happy with their current mortgage arrangements but still have a requirement to raise extra money for debt consolidation, home improvements, a new car or an investment such as another property. These people will often consider using the equity in their property and will automatically think of a remortgage or be advised to go down this route.  But this is […]

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Mortgages for bad credit

23rd November 2016

It’s getting easier to obtain mortgages for bad credit. Easier than it was a few years ago as more lenders come back to the market offering mortgages for bad credit. For many people repayments on their credit cards, mortgages and other types of borrowings are an essential and manageable part of life. Being able to borrow money lets you get […]

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Mortgage application turned down, why?

18th November 2016

Every mortgage lender will have a different way that they underwrite your mortgage application. Many customers immediately get turned down because they are talking to the wrong lender and their situation was never going to match the banks criteria. Here we will show you a few of the main reasons that customers are given when the bank says no to […]

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Bad Credit Loans

18th November 2016

Bad credit loans are available but you have to know where to look and who to speak to. Bad credit loans are designed specifically for the people who are suffering with bad credit or credit scores that are low. Bad credit mortgages or sub-prime mortgages are becoming more common in today’s challenging credit environment and many of the mortgage lenders […]

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Mortgage Payment Calculator

17th November 2016

If you own your own home or have plans to buy a home, you should become very familiar with a great tool called a mortgage payment calculator. A mortgage payment calculator is an online tool that will give you a lot of information and research about your mortgage. You can use a calculator to work out interest payments, monthly payments and much […]

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