Why Homeowners Remortgage or Take a Homeowner Loan

The average homeowner is paying thousands of ££££ more than they should be on their monthly repayments across their mortgage, loans, credit cards and other debt. There are many reasons why this is the case and many more reasons why they don't need to.

Let us help you to find you some options to either save money, consolidate other debt or lock in to a great new deal.

Do you recognise any of these statements as matching your own situation?

  • You have been with your current mortgage lender for a while and have no idea what interest rate you are being charged and even if it's a good deal
  • You have lots of monthly payments going out each month on mortgages, personal loans and credit cards and you would like to see if you can save money by looking at one loan with one payment
  • Your credit file has evidence of historic defaults and CCJ's and need to know your options
  • Your personal circumstances have changed and you need to add or remove someone from your mortgage
  • You would like to protect yourself from potential further interest rate rises and possible increased monthly payments
  • You are concerned that you are stuck because of your credit score or the way that you are paid
  • Your current mortgage is interest only and you would like to look at your future options
  • You would like to release some money for home improvements or something nice like a new car or holiday
  • You have seen a great % rate being advertised and you would like to see if you can get close to it
  • You don't want to touch your current mortgage but you would like to see if you can raise some extra cash
  • You would like to compare deals from some of the UK's top lenders
  • You are or have been on a debt management (DMP) programme
  • You want to speak to lenders that do not look at your credit score when making a decision

Open Mortgages can help with them all.

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Why Do Homeowners Choose Open Mortgages?

As a homeowner you know that when you chose your original mortgage it was one of the biggest financial decisions that you ever made. But it shouldn't stop there. Now you may want to check it's still the best deal for you. Or maybe you are just looking to raise some more funds against your property because you are looking to carry out some cool home improvements, or just want to tidy up expensive debt in to a more manageable payment.

Here is today's good news, Open Mortgages is an independently run website that's sole aim is to put you in contact with an FCA authorised broker. Their job is to research the market and offer you the best deal, rate and options for your circumstances. And if you have a less than perfect credit score on your Experian or Equifax credit file, they can still help find a solution and a lender for your needs.

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Monday 4th November 2019

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